Before I Move On

I did not even scratch the surface of reloading. All I hoped to do was point in a direction and if you were interested enough to look, maybe you would investigate further. I want to close that series of posts with a cautionary tale, told by a reloader about his experiences with a fast burning pistol powder and what almost certainly was a double charge. He first posted this in January 2005, but I’ll bet he thinks about it every time he sits down at his reloading bench.

That is until you realize a few things. 9.0gr in a .44 magnum case is, more or less, a drop in a bucket. In subsequent tests I’ve recently performed, it’s all too possible to double charge a round and have it go unnoticed in a progressive loader.
–From the linked post by an anonymous reloader


5 thoughts on “Before I Move On

  1. What Bradley said. This is why I like, for example, Accurate No. 9 for the 10mm. Even with the minimum load the powder fills a good 60-70 percent of the case.

    WV: prevent. High load density powders can help you prevent blowing up your gun!

  2. That is the EXACT picture that pops into my head every time I think about reloading.

    I will do it someday, there is no question of that.

    However, I have to be willing to devote 100% of my attention to it – and I'm not there yet…

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