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Looking forward to what the future might be seem pointless, but it is not. It is a source of future humor for people to look back on. Paleo-Future is a site that mines that treasure trove of material. Go and take a look back at people looking forward.

You can scroll through like a blog, or see all the predictions from a particular decade. I like the ones from the 1960s. They are so filled with futuristic science and a jolly sense that we are going to solve all the problems with technology.

One of the coolest things was cars. There were going to 200 mph and look like this.

If those poor people could see the Vega and the Volt.

I want to close, though, with a prediction from the Associated Press, in an article titled, “How Experts Think We’ll Live in 2000 A.D.”

How will this land of ours be governed in 50 years?

Much as today, perhaps – with two parties contending against each other and within themselves, with the people free to choose between them, with the winner pressured from all sides yet curbed and guided by a constitution little changed since George Washington’s day.

And yet it is easy to scare ourselves with other possibilities.

Some see us drifting toward the all-powerful state, lulled by the sweet sound of “security.” Some see a need to curb our freedom lest it be used to shield those who plot against us. And some fear our freedom will be hard to save if a general war should come.

What then?

A military dictatorship to restore the nation’s body, if not its soul from the ravages of atomic attack? Some sort of Fascism? Or, in the name of Socialism, some mild or strong control of what we do; directive here, big red “Thou-Shall-Not’s” there?

Some fear the worst. And yet:

We’ve feared the worst, while hoping for the best, ever since we have been a nation. We’ve come through wars and depression. And we’ve come through – free.

Today, almost alone among men, we have the strength – as we may need to prove – to hold the course we choose.
–Published in The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC), December 27, 1950


2 thoughts on “The Future

  1. It wasn't the “hard” fascism of the '30s and '40s. Rather, it was a soft one.

    The State at the center, with all serving its interests. No fuhrerprinzip, but the State in control anyway. Obamacare and the EPA regulating carbon were the last pieces needed to complete the task.

  2. Priescent words there… They had more to deal with, but were more adult about dealing with the issues… They stood up and took responsibility for their actions!

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