USPSA Multi-Gun offers the opportunity to shoot rifle, pistol, and shotgun in a safe, competitive environment. I shot a match last Saturday and it was a lot of fun. Moving and shooting, with multiple weapons, making transitions, and being scored on both time and accuracy, is hard to do, and harder to do well. Here’s a run by a real champion.

I wish I could go that fast and still make good hits.

Fast is fine, but accuracy is final.
–Wyatt Earp



It starts with street protests in a Middle-Eastern country. Angry people, mostly young men. The problems are economic and political. The leader is seen as a dictator, the police corrupt. As events unfold, U.S. support for the regime in power wanes and the protests become more bold and violent.

The U.S. government, led by a left leaning President is caught flatfooted, unable to to catch up with unfolding events, but unwilling to support the amount of force necessary to turn the tide. Finally, the inevitable end comes and the government is overthrown. New power structures begin to solidify, and whatever the young people were really hoping for, what emerges after an election is a Muslim theocracy.

The President? Jimmy Carter. The year it began was 1978, it ended with the taking of our Embassy and the hostages that were held 444 days by the Ayatollah and his followers.

There’s not a lot of clear news coming out of Egypt right now, foreigners trying to flee the chaos, Mubarak trying to maintain a grip on power, and underneath it all, the rising power of Egypt’s banned organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. Here’s a photo gallery from Der Spiegel that tells as much as anything I’ve read yet.

The past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.
–Mark Twain

Last Call

Last Call is the title of a book about the Prohibition Era. An interesting time in America, because it represents a near total disregard for the rules and laws concerning the production, use, and consumption of alcohol.

Yes, the Amendment passed, and laws followed. What didn’t happen was compliance. Booze flowed into every port, major transshipment networks were set up, home brewing and stills became commonplace, and people drank anyway.

It didn’t just fail. It failed so hard that it was repealed after a decade of enforcement. All the effort, the law enforcement, the courts and punishments just amounted to nothing. Because the people were not having any part of it. All it did was increase the power of organized crime and contribute to the corruption of police and government.

For every prohibition you create you also create an underground.
–Jello Biafra

The Uprising in Egypt

Egypt is in the midst of chaos and as part of the response, the Egyptian government has shut down access to the internet. In response, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called forEgypt to restore access to the net, especially Facebook and Twitter , two sites that are being heavily used by the protesters for coordination and planning.

Tell me again why the United States would want to give the President an internet kill switch.

The Internet has become an integral part of America’s economic, political, and social life.
–Bill Clinton

Update: Egypt has add the shutdown of cell phone service to the blackout.

25 Years

25 years. I remember the shock of seeing that video. Everyone was following it because they were sending a civilian, a teacher, into space for the first time.

Now they are a memory and the subject of a memorial in Arlington.

Reach for the stars.
–Christa McAuliffe

Update: From a commenter at Marooned, the video of Pr. Reagan’s speech 1/28/1986

The future belongs to the brave.
–Ronald Reagan