Cpl. Sean Osterman

You can find a story like this almost every day. The amazing thing about this story is how common it is. The Marine Corps finds young men like Sean Osterman and graduates a series of them every week. Sometimes they make the Marine Corps is a career. Sometimes they do a tour and gets out, seeking a different dream. And sometimes the doorbell rings, and there stand a couple of Marines in Dress Blues.

Cpl. Osterman had joined the Marines in 2007 when he was 17 under the delayed entry program. His father was a career Marine and he was proud to be following the tradition. He had already done one overseas tour and while he was home he announced plans to go to college when his enlistment was finished. Before that could happen, he had a 2nd tour to complete.

He was part of the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, and was leading a patrol in Helmund Province when he was badly wounded. He was flown to Landstuhl Medical Center at Ramstein Air Force Base where he died of his injuries a few days later.

His mother flew to Germany, was with her son before he died, made the decision to donate his organs, and accompanied his body back to the United States.

His funeral will be at Arlington National Cemetery on January 4th, 2011.

It shows that freedom is not free, it costs a great deal. We don’t get it for nothing.

–Kelly Hugo, Sean Osterman’s mother