An Announcement From Oleg Volk

I used to read a forum called The High Road. If you are looking for a gun forum, with a lot of knowledgeable members and pretty good behavior, I recommend it. However, it’s not called The High Road anymore, it’s called Gun Rights Media. Here is a message from Oleg Volk, if you haven’t already heard this news, you should update your bookmarks. If this isn’t a site you’ve been to, here’s an interesting set of sub-forums.

New: Gun Rights Media forums
Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce that forum is moving to This new forum will preserve the threads and posts made by members here since .org and .us forums split in November 2008. Eventually, these will be archived and completely new activism-oriented forums will become public.

The Volk v. Zeanah lawsuit has been settled by Derek buying The High Road forum (including the domain names) from me. Now, the money, time and attention that litigation was taking away from the core task of advocating and defending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms can be redirected to developing a new type of pro-RKBA resource and to support existing pro-gun legal actions.

The work has already begun. Gun Rights Media will be dedicated to fostering pro-RKBA and pro civil rights media – images, films, podcasts, creative writing and interactive content. The goal is to support all who need compelling, memorable arguments for personal liberty – which includes gun rights and more. By embracing more than just gun rights, we can make common our cause with those who previously have not considered RKBA an important issue.

Our other task will be the support of allies, starting with Heller II v. D.C., the second round of litigation against the District of Columbia to implement the freedoms recognized by the Supreme Court decision. I will contribute my time and skills to this cause and help to coordinate the abilities and contributions of others who can meet specific needs as well.

Because of the short notice with the move, I ask that you spread the word about our migration. Please bookmark the new address for yourself, too.


–Oleg Volk