Shiny Bright

The ornaments I mentioned in the previous post came to me in the original boxes. I am sure I did not have them all, and since we used them, over time the number I had dwindled. One Christmas season, shortly after we had finished decorating the tree, it fell over. There is a metal hook in the ceiling now and learning has taken place, but several ornaments died to bring me that knowledge.

Shiny Bright made those Christmas ornaments. There were millions of them made, and they changed the designs from year to year. The ones I have look like these. Brightly colored, paper thin glass ornaments.

A few years after losing several when the tree fell over, I found a whole box of them in a junk shop. They were individually priced, a couple of dollars a piece, but they were all together, in the original box. I picked up the box and opened it and she laughed. “You’re going to buy them, aren’t you?” I nodded. She laughed again, “I swear, underneath you are so sentimental.”

But it wasn’t that they were old, or from the right company, or even similar. They were the exact same ones. They had to have been from the same production run. It was in the fall, so I took them home and put them away, and when Christmas rolled around, I put them on the tree.

My parents were still able to travel and they came to visit that Christmas. When my mother was admiring the tree she exlaimed, “Oh, you got out all my mom’s ornaments this year! They look so nice!” I was in the doorway and turned and said, “Yes, I found them in a box this year and decided to use them all.” Then I went outside to bring some firewood up on the porch and have a few minutes alone.

I never mentioned that I had found that box in a store, because it really doesn’t matter, does it? Christmas is wrapped up in memories and faith. It is the light reflected in the eyes of a child, the smell of an old family favorite in the oven, and the overlap of all the Christmases past with this one that makes it come alive.

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge – myth is more potent than history – dreams are more powerful than facts – hope always triumphs over experience – laughter is the cure for grief – love is stronger than death
–Robert Fulghum


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  1. LOL! I STILL have many of those EXACT ornaments depicted from my parents collection of my youth (I'm 66) in the 50s (the ones produced during WWII had paper/cardboard inserts for the hooks to attach viz metal) ALSO have WWII cardboard reflectors sprayed w. various colors of glitz (silver, gold, red, blue etc) which give a great look to the old “hot” bulbs–as well as metal reflectors in various configurations–star-starburst, multiple rounded edged, etc.

    BTW, I see you're a friend of borepatch. I ran into his blog via Yabu of “Bad, Bad JuJu.” I've been a devotee of Yabu since pre-Katrina days and he's friends with two classic story-tellers/reconteurs–“Acid-Man” (now unfortunately deceased–was a tortured soul, but sure could write) of the blog “Gut-Rumbles” and Velociman of “Velociworld” who unfortunately has presently taken a break. They are both “old friends” from my pre-Katrina days that I savored reading. If you've better nothing to do on a cold rainy weekend day hit them both and sift thru the archives for some fine, fine, writing in the finest Southern literary tradition. They both wrote widely on anything and everything–a joy to read. Drop me an e-mail some day after you've gotten around to sampling some at your leisure some and tell me what you think. And you'll have to sample a lot as their range of subject matter was quite extensive..never a dull moment, as it were..

  2. Great post… I too remember those exact ornaments… Sadly all the ones I had were lost/broken over the years of military moves.

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