My First 1911

I wanted a 1911. So I bought a Springfield, a Mil-Spec when what I wanted was at least a Loaded. Had I waited, I could have spent a couple of hundred dollars more and got what I wanted, had the trigger worked on and been done. Instead, I ended up having a beavertail fitted, the trigger and hammer replaced, the slide cut for a new sight, a magwell installed, and the bushing and rails tightened. If I had spent that money all at once I’d have a Springfield TRP or maybe a Les Baer. Instead I have a Springfield Mil-Spec. Lesson learned. This is not a hit in any way on Springfield, it is a comment on my decision making. If I had been able to see that I was going to start shooting single-stack in USPSA with the pistol, I could saved a fair amount of money by buying a different model in the beginning.

Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.
–William Blake