Dinner With Borepatch

Borepatch, the lovely (if I may be so bold) Mrs. Borepatch, and Borepatch 2.01 and Borepatch 2.02 stopped here on their way to Atlanta. I had promised a home cooked meal to break up the journey, and when deciding what to cook, I remembered a recipe I saw on Eyes Never Closed.

Eyes Never Closed lamented that he had eaten them before thinking of taking a picture, so here is my take off on his Whiskey Fried Porkchops. All a cook can ask for is to see his guests eat, so this recipe is a keeper. Applewood rub, Redneck Pepper, and a water glass full of bourbon. I saw someone take thirds.

Good to spend an evening with the Borepatches, too. A chance to talk and share, discuss politics, computers, and guns.

Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.
–Tennessee Williams


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