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Naval Aviation News is a magazine produced by and for Naval Aviation. It started up during WWII and is still in publication. The old issues are interesting reading, articles month by month, through the war and on into the 1950s and up to the current day.

One of the regular features was Grandpa Pettibone, a cartoon character that hosted a safety column in each edition. There would be a report about a mishap or accident and then Grandpa Pettibone would cite the pertinent regulations, the obvious mistakes, and occasionally plead with the Almighty for pilots and mechanics to develop some sense.
He was introduced to the world in 1943 and was still active 60 years later. He is such an institution in the Naval Air community that occasionally there are articles published crediting the column with saving aircraft and lives because someone thought, “Now wait a minute, I don’t want to be the feature article in next month’s column.”

He who turns around and lands at base will live to fly to some other place.
–Grandpa Pettibone


2 thoughts on “Naval Aviation News

  1. And I can tell you you did NOT want to be featured… Some of the stories just left us shaking our heads over the gross stupidity that got demonstrated year after year.

  2. Hey, that is a great mag, they even covered us Maintenance folks. And besides Grandpa there was Anymouse too!!

    My favorite issue was a story about a flight of F-4's that departed from NAS East Coast and flew into Texas looking for fuel (like thos ole Phantom Drivers didn't start looking shortly after take off) but the weather at their primary and the briefed Bingo were socked. The flight lead finally passed onto his charges that it was every man for himself and promptly landed on a two lane highway that had telephone poles on each side of the road. The title of the article, “King of the Road”. Loved it.

    Like I said, great Mag!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

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