100 years

100 Years of Boy Scouting was celebrated recently. Local Scouts and leaders set up a weekend camp on the grounds of the May Museum. The museum is an interesting visit all by itself, but this weekend was given over to Scouting.

A room in the main building held uniforms, books and patches, all loaned for the event. Outside, a series of tents and equipment were set up, all from different eras, reflecting the changes in equipment since Scouting began. Several large pioneering projects had been lashed together, and children were invited to climb and play on them. Behind the museum the Troops had set up a field kitchen. There were kettles of stew, dutch oven cobblers, and cold drinks.

It was great to see them out there, a remnant of the America I remember. Do you think there will be Boy Scouts cooking cobblers on an open fire on the 200th Anniversary of Scouting in 2110?

The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself.
–Sir Robert Baden-Powell


2 thoughts on “100 years

  1. NFO . . . no surprise from this Eagle scout. Scounting is about independence, self-reliance, personal responsibility. Is Obama about any of those things? I don't think so.

    – Brad

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