Oleg Volk Asks a Question

The constant refrain from the gun control crowd is that they just want the assault weapons, and small concealable weapons, and large regular capacity magazines. They aren’t opposed to you having having a weapon, just not that one, because it’s too powerful, holds too many bullets, can be hidden too easily or is just so goshdarn scary.

So ask them this, would they support you wearing a sword?

You already know the answer, because as Oleg points out, it isn’t about guns, it’s about control. He, of course, says it with fine photography.

Liberty is the prevention of control by others.
–Lord Acton


1 thought on “Oleg Volk Asks a Question

  1. I'm not sure the discouragement is restricted to weapons. It seems like there is desire to restrict any sort of independent action in general: “trust the professionals, don't try this at home”. Don't fix, consume. Don't cook, go to a restaurant. Don't work, get paid. Don't learn to use tools, learn that you don't have to. Don't get out of bed…

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