9 years minus 3 days

After 9-11, the country reacted to secure airports and airplanes like it was the only place we could be attacked. Spending 40 billion dollars on airport security since the 9-11 attacks, the government acts like that is the only place an attack might occur. If the enemy was a little more creative, we would have seen attacks on bridges, trains, elementary schools, college campuses, and shopping malls. Meanwhile, every innocent citizen attempting to take a flight is treated to a Kabuki theater of security procedures in which elderly men, small children, and soldiers in uniform are treated with the same scrutiny as young adult men taking one way flights to Yemen.
I am old enough to remember walking down the concourse to the observation deck and watching the planes take off. No one searched me, no one considered me a threat. It happened in a place called America.

Those that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
–Benjamin Franklin


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