It was Made in America

From Historic Sites of the West comes the story of a steel mill built in Utah during World War II.
Built in far from the coasts, with access to water, coal, and railroad distribution, it was the only large steel making operation west of the Mississippi. If you want to read about how steel was made in America, here’s a link to an article in The Ohio State Engineer about the Geneva Steel Mill in 1944. It tells the story proudly, boasting of capacities and volumes, the 1.3 million tons of steel produced in a year, the largest electric motor in the world, the millions of gallons of water used to make steam every day.

It was shut down permanently in 2002. The railroads that supported it are gone as well. Everything has been demolished and carted off. A photographer named Chris Dunker photographed the end. Click the link and then menu/gallery/industrial/geneva steel. He uses Flash, and I couldn’t link directly to the pictures.

America made steel. They needed it, they were building a country.

If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
–Abraham Lincoln


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