Yellowstone 1921

In 1921, a Scout Leader in Clinton Iowa, O.O. Pierce, organized and lead a Scout trip to Yellowstone National Park. There were no paved roads, no bridges, and no electronic communication. He had written towns along his planned route, mapped carefully, set his river crossings where there were ferries.

It turned into the epic adventure of a lifetime. 191 Scouts and 86 adults in a caravan of Ford Model T’s and various trucks made the trek. Iowa Public Television has some surviving video footage, highlights of parades, a group of Scouts riding a log behind a Model T that was using the log as brakes on a long downhill, interviews with 5 elderly men who had made the trip as Scouts.

I couldn’t embed it, but here is the link: Video from a forgotten America.

Adventures are for the adventurous.
–Benjamin Disraeli


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  1. Now, THAT would have been an adventure. Course, now-a-days, they'd call it “child endangerment” or some such trash. But I'd have loved to have been there.

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