July 20th, 1969

I was twelve. On vacation with my parents, I got to watch the lunar landing and the first walk on the moon on a big RCA console television. The future never seemed brighter than it did that evening.

I was going to go to the moon one day, and maybe to Mars. The United States of America was the greatest country on earth and we were capable of amazing scientific and technological accomplishments. Certainly by the time I was thirty, there would be a permanent base on the moon, and regular transports…
Of course, it never happened. We retreated, gave up the dreamed of manned space exploration. Now we could not do it. We lack the manufacturing, NASA is a shell, and we are so far in debt that it would hardly matter if we stopped spending.

Someone will go, maybe the Chinese in 30 or 40 years, but it will be too late for me. I will never see Earthrise with my own eyes. None of us will.

If growing up is the process of creating ideas and dreams about what life should be, then maturity is letting go again.
–Mary Beth Danielson

5 thoughts on “July 20th, 1969

  1. It not just this, Bluesun, it's so many things. You may have noticed that I have not been posting on current events. There are two reasons. One is so many others write about the news, and write well. The second is that it is so depressing, so much damage has been done and I don't see any way to fix things. So I write about things I do, memories, and the United States of America the way I remember her.

  2. First: thank you for continuing your blog. I very much like the new look. Thank you for continuing in the face of adversity when many conservative bloggers are hanging it up, deleting or abandoning their portion of the Blogosphere. I deleted five blogs just today on my The Usual Suspects list.

    I don't see us reaching for the stars anytime soon. And I would expect as such. There is simply too much to occupy us down here; too much to try to straighten out and too much earthly work to do.

    I watched Armstrong step foot on the moon in the living room of a home belonging to friends of my parents, in Centerville, Ohio. We were visiting and their color TV was on.

    That was when TVs could be either color OR black-and-white.


  3. Everyone alive that summer remembers it. I was 15, on what would be my last vacation with my parents, visiting relatives in New York City. We all crowded around the TV to watch the dim images come down from another world.

    I don't know if it's better or worse, but we could do it again. Not today, obviously, there is no rocket capable of doing it. But we do have the technological skills to do it.

    Look, nobody has a Saturn V equivalent assembly line. Going to the moon brings with it needing to build your infrastructure. We have the talent to do it.

    But the will… the will. That's what we don't have.

    Two big things happened that summer, the convergence of two big crowds. The moon landing and Woodstock.

    The first group was dedicated to doing things others can barely only imagine – bending the universe to their will through sheer intellect and power. They are “can do” people.

    The second group was dedicated to rubbing body parts against each other with no effort of will and no character. Their entire focus in life is their genitals.

    The second group is now in charge of the country. That's the problem.

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