Something New

New to me, anyway. I have been casting bullets for a while, using a micro groove mould and Alox liquid lube. It seems to work fine, and the bullets drop well enough that I have not been sizing them before I load.

Not content to leave well enough alone, with prompting and help from a friend, I have set up an old Lubri-sizer. Using a borrowed mould, we made a pile of 200 gr. semi-wadcutters. Here is a picture of about 400 bullets lubed and sized to .451, ready to be loaded into cases. It’s an extra step, but they look nice, and the sizing should make the finished product more uniform. All of this is time consuming, and as much a part of the hobby as shooting. Sometimes, it is the hobby, and shooting is what you do to get more brass to put in the tumbler. It teaches you a lot, though, far more than you can learn with store bought ammo, and saves about 90 percent of the cost, as long as you don’t put a dollar value on your time.

Beware the hobby that eats.
–Benjamin Franklin


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