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I leave the interwebz in the trustworthy hands of my fellow bloggers for a few days. I will return with tales of adventure and derring-do.

Remember what Bilbo used to say: It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.
J.R.R. Tolkien, writing in the Lord of the Rings


Abuse of Power

Updated: link replaced
“Police Tasered an 86-year-old disabled grandma in her bed and stepped on her oxygen hose until she couldn’t breathe, after her grandson called 911 seeking medical assistance, the woman and her grandson claim in Oklahoma City Federal Court. Though the grandson said, “Don’t Taze my granny!” an El Reno police officer told another cop to “Taser her!” and wrote in his police report that he did so because the old woman “took a more aggressive posture in her bed,” according to the complaint…The police then grabbed Ms. Varner by her forearms and jerked hands together, causing her soft flesh to tear and bleed on her bed; they then handcuffed her.”

A bedridden 86 year old woman is no threat to 10 armed and healthy policemen. They should be charged with the same crimes as you or I would be if we tazed a bedridden elderly woman.

The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.
–James Madison

Real Shooting

As OldNFO pointed out in the comments, the previous video is not a realistic portrayal of shooting. To make up for that, I offer a video of Jessie Abbate at the 2008 Nationals. Here’s a real shooter, running a complex course at a pace that would challenge anyone, male or female.

I don’t shoot that well in my dreams.

If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.
–Herschel Walker

Angry Moms

I don’t even have to know what they are advertising, this is fun to watch.

When I’m with a pistol I sparkle like a crystal, yes I shine like the morning sun.
–Annie Oakley