At the Gun Store

At lunch today I visited $LOCAL_GUNSTORE. A smaller shop, well stocked, and managed by a friend that would probably call in a missing person report if he didn’t see me every week or so. Today at the counter was a sight to warm you heart.

That’s right, it was a woman buying a gun. She stood with a couple of .38 revolvers and an array of .380 autos on the counter, discussing pros and cons, trying triggers, and clearly making a buying decision on a concealable handgun for her purse.
Did she pick a caliber I would have chosen? Did she choose the particular firearm I would have decided on? It doesn’t matter. She had taken the time to get some training, she had her CC permit, she had been reading about her options, and had narrowed it down, only wanting to hold and consider each one before laying down her money.

It was profound. As important a part of being an American citizen as voting, it was a privilege to be there to see it exercised.

Where liberty is, there is my country.
–Benjamin Franklin


3 thoughts on “At the Gun Store

  1. Being armed effectively is so essential to personal freedom, even Leftists get it. It is no wonder that the Obama Administration has sought to make ammunition more expensive.

    What bewilders me is the rank and file leftists don't understand incremental erosion of basic freedom. Those boneheads seem tot think they are freer under the authoritarian state.

  2. Women, young women, are the future of firearms and the Second Amendment. I've been trying to convince the mostly middle aged white guys that run my gun club that they need to reach out to young adult women and get them to join.

    They counter that they have a “juniors” program of pre teens. I think they're missing the point. Young adult women vote, pre teens don't.

    I'll try one more time at next months meeting.

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