I have had the opportunity to fire, at one time or another, a half a dozen different full-auto weapons. If money suddenly appeared, there is only one I would want to own. A 1928 Thompson. It’s not practical for anything I would need, although I suppose I could use in single fire mode to shoot 3-Gun. Practical or useful has nothing to do with it. It was just fun. Loud, expensive, fun.
I bring this up because I found this post about a guy who got to shoot Al Capone’s Thompson at the police range in Chicago. I don’t have any idea what Al Capone’s Thompson would be worth, I did find others for sale in the 13 to 25 thousand dollar range.

Want. Will not get. But still want.

Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.
–Napoleon Hill


3 thoughts on “Thompsons

  1. Oh…. and I'll bet it was smooth! It had probably been worked on 🙂 I could have bought enough parts at Tulsa two years ago to build an entire true/correct 1928 Thompson. There was a British sounding couple that had one table, full of ORIGINAL Thompson parts of all types, including receivers!

  2. For my 21st birthday I went up to the Firing Line and rented a full auto Thompson and 200rnds of ammo. That was by far some of the best times I've had.


  3. I'd go for one of the mil-spec versions, but that's me. No front handle to get caught on things.

    And let's be honest – you don't need it for accuracy, because the Thompson isn't for accuracy. It's for reliably flinging a lot of lead downrange in a hurry.

    But sweet boomstick. For the price of a new Jeep, it'd better be. 😉

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