A Pair of Videos from Quincy Illinois

These were taken at a Tea Party protest in Quincy Illinois. The first video is a better overview of the assembly. Here’s a picture of the grannies that were such a threat it justified calling out the riot police in their black tacticals.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
–Martin Luther King, Jr.


One thought on “A Pair of Videos from Quincy Illinois

  1. What would have happened if the crook in charge ordered the cops to use less than lethal weapons to break up the crowd?

    A bunch of old people would have been sting balled, sandbagged, tasered, gassed, and pepper sprayed.

    The taxfeeders will always choose their pensions over doing the right thing. The one time they do not, they will be replaced with more “politically” reliable goons.

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