In the Wake of the Recent Legislation

The news has been filled with reports of death threats against politicians and acts of vandalism. I would like to add my voice to the people that are speaking out to condemn this behavior. It does nothing to further any cause in the United States to threaten to kill politicians. It is morally wrong. It exposes the person or persons engaging in the behavior to possible criminal charges.

No matter how outraged you are by some piece of legislation, or the behavior of any politician, do not decide to threaten their life. Work to overcome the legislation by legal means. Work to elect different candidates as the opportunity presents. One of the amazing things about the United States is the resiliency of our systems, the way the various branches and levels of government interact and counteract to maintain the republic.

I researched this behavior for you, and would like to present some photographic examples of things that you should not engage in, no matter how outraged you are. People, please, this just only make you look like total hypocrites and makes the causes you believe in seem meaningless.

Now, I assure you, I looked at Google images for threats against Obama, and did not find any. Not one. They may be out there, and I am sure the Secret Service knows, but there were not any pictures of signs I could find. All the signs, held up in public, were about taxation, Obamacare, the Tea Party, and so on. Legitimate protest, a reasonable use of the 1st Amendment. The ones that do come up in searches, over and over, all threatened the previous President.

We have a natural right to make use of our pens as of our tongue, at our peril, risk and hazard.


9 thoughts on “In the Wake of the Recent Legislation

  1. It would be interesting if you posted about some of the search strings you tried, and which ones gave results and which ones didn't.

  2. What good is the 2A as a check on government tyranny if the government thugs KNOW we won't fight back? If violence is NEVER the answer – then we've lost completely, the Republic is dead, and our children and grandchildren are destined for life under a totalitarian regime.

  3. Borepatch,

    search “anti-obama protest signs”
    and “anti-bush protest signs”,
    as a starting point, both in websites and in images.

    Then try “anti-obama” and “anti-bush” the same way.

    I didn't say that violence was never the answer. I know that violence, swift and sure, can be the only answer. I said that threatening the lives of politicians was not the answer to repealing this legislation before the damage it will cause to our country and our economy is irreversible.

  4. Soap Box, Ballot Box, and as a LAST resort Bullet Box…

    Remember in November and vote them ALL out!!!

    And yeah, the shoe is NOW on the other foot, and a whole different set of reactions!

  5. I noticed that two of those pictures/signs seem to be held by the same guy (the bearded dude with the t-shirt that says “stupid White motherf***er”

    Can't tell if he's looking for trouble, trying to be wicked snarky, or is just what his shirt says!

  6. Jack,

    Yes, when I was looking at the protest signs against Bush vs. the ones the Tea Party has been using, I was struck by how much hate and violence I saw in the supposedly peaceful left-wing messages. If you asked them, they would tell you that they just want to co-exist, right? I wondered if some of them were undercover officers, going along at the radical fringe to monitor the activities. I would certainly think that virulent anti-American message calling for the death of the President would be more of a concern that some Tea-Party gatherings calling for control of the budget and limits on taxation.

    Anyway, you do see some of the same faces here and there, likely a result of pictures being taken at different protests in the same cities.

  7. Ego,

    I realize how laws are made, I doubt that the people with those signs really get it.

    On the other, one possible act of vandalism, which may have been done by either side, does not define a movement. Look big, if there are hundreds of thousands of people in the “Tea Party” movement, and one act that the Dems are pointing at, might this not be a bit of hysteria on their part?

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