This is the Promise of Government Health Care

He was in for a hip replacement, was denied necessary medication and water and left to die of dehydration. Click the link and read about the death of Kane Gorny in a hospital in London. Then ask yourself how socialized medicine is going to be any different here. Ask yourself if the standard of care at St. George’s Hospital is what you want for your children.

It will be no different than the DMV. Once it is a government run bureaucracy, it will run just like all the others. You will stand in line and take what is doled out to you like a good prole. My guess is, right after health care, they will discover we all have a right to eat, and a government takeover of food distribution will be next. It will be done with the best of intentions. Just like the British health care system.

Communism is the corruption of a dream of justice.
–Adlai E. Stevenson


One thought on “This is the Promise of Government Health Care

  1. The government already does provide health care to those over 65 (Medicare) and the poor (Medicaid). I am a nurse and have “private insurance”. We call medi-medi the gold card of insurance. I have to pay through the nose for everything and I also need approvals the medi-medi's don't. Not that in anyway do I advocate the system planned, but I want the plan that the Congress has. If people realized how much medical care is already government paid they may look at this differently.Why is the DMV the example when it is state run? Also the military works rather well – it may have its problems but I would rather have you the front line than some union organized private group that is due a break every 4 hrs. Just saying. p.s. I do not approve of this mess in Washington. Love you blog. lorraine

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