Following the Herd

One of the leading arguments I keep hearing about global warming is that lots of people believe it so it must be true. To paraphrase my mother, “If lots of your friends were jumping off a bridge, I suppose you’d think it was a good idea to jump, too.”

That’s probably a lousy example, because as I told her then, “Ma, if my friends were jumping off a bridge, I would already be in the water yelling for them to quit wussing around and jump.” But I would have looked at the possibilities and decided on my own.

Here’s a picture that might help. Somewhere along the line, this Mensa candidate saw someone wearing their hat backwards and decided it looked cool. Take the time to consider what you’ve been told. Look the evidence that is coming out about how the “climate scientists” manipulated both the data and the discussion. Ask yourself who stands to benefit from more regulation. Turn your hat around, step back from the bridge and think for yourself.

A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.
–Oscar Wilde


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