Range Day in February

Borepatch came to visit today. The specific purpose was to spend some time at the range. It was a great afternoon. A mini micro North-South Bloggershoot. Being the two of us, along with his son. I fear the fabled Mrs. Borepatch will be less than pleased with me, having left them both with a deep desire to go forth and purchase 1911s, M-1 Garands, and Ar-15s. Along with magazines, ammo, cleaning supplies and a gun safe.

I tried to pick out a picture that told the tale, but I had to pick three. As always, click to biggify. Here we see Borepatch handling a 30 round magazine. Just because he can. Now we have Borepatch unloading the magazine in the approved fashion. Last, but not least, here is his 100 yard target.

I really picked these three as representative of the big cheesey grin he wore all afternoon. This is the first post on this shoot and our day together. I sent him the pictures, so I expect he will post something about his awesome performance shooting a Garand from the prone position in the next day or so.

Beware the hobby that eats.
–Benjamin Franklin


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  1. The laser engraving was free, the company offered a selection on line, and would also let you send a B+W image if you wanted something unique.

    I bought the receiver through an FFL and then built the rifle a bit at a time.

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