From Breda and Mike

Breda posted, via Mike, a family recipe for a casserole. . I liked the look of it, and made it tonight. I got out the big dutch oven I use for camping, followed the recipe as close as I could. Five kinds of beans, hot sausage, bacon, sauce, and spices. The recommendation was to cut the brown sugar to 1/2 a cup, and I think that is the right amount. This is comfort food. Since I made dinner, she made corn bread to go with it. We ate in the living room by the woodstove while we watched the first half of the Super Bowl.

You can say what you will about computers, but this is one of those moments that makes me stop and realize what the internet can be. From a nearly lost family recipe, posted on a website I found and usually read as a gun blog, comes a recipe that will be added to the collection of printed pages at the back of our cookbook.

Thank you, Mike and Breda, and thanks to your Mom, too.

Memories fade, photos get lost, and the universe is relentless in pushing the past aside to make way for the future, but the taste on the tongue remembers.
–Mike, writing on The Breda Fallacy


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