Watch Lists

Mikey Hicks, age eight, shares his name with someone on a government watch list. Since he was two, he has been subjected to greater scrutiny whenever he flies.

That means, among other things, the government hasn’t been able to update their database to correct this stupidity in six years. Sure makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about how well the system is working.

Here’s the little terrorist for you to look at and remember. His parents probably bought him a Cub Scout pocketknife, too.

Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.
–Joseph Campbell


4 thoughts on “Watch Lists

  1. My guess is the photographer set his hat like that to make him cuter. Yes, he is a Bear, and has a lot of Scouting to look forward too. Hopefully his Troop will drive to camp outs.

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