Warmth and Friendship

The universe is cold. We live in a narrow band of warmth at just the right distance from a nuclear furnace. When the tilt of the planet moves us just a few degrees, the temperatures we need to survive have to be artificially created.

Sitting a brick platform in my living room is an iron box. A civilized method to provide heat, a big step up from huddling around an open fire. It requires many hours of work every year to cut split and stack enough truckloads of wood to get through the winter. This sustained cold spell saw my stacks dwindling at an alarming rate.

Last weekend, I spent Saturday afternoon cutting and splitting a dead oak tree with a friend. It is a true friend that will spend a cold afternoon in the woods working a splitting maul and loading a truck. Because what he help you provide for your family is fire, and fire is life.

A friend is the man who knows you, and still likes you.
–Elbert Hubbard


2 thoughts on “Warmth and Friendship

  1. I used to do that every winter with my own stove, which is not quite as nice as yours but certainly provides wonderful night esthetics as it snows.

    These days, with my age and my back, I still have the occasional stove fire, but most winter heat is provided by propane, assisted with a bit of the new HVAC system.


  2. I have been using a splitting maul for forty years, and this winter I have switched to a 35 ton splitter. My elbows have had enough. I do enjoy working up wood, and love running a chainsaw.

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