Tired of How You Are Treated at the Airport?

Don’t fly.
If you make an exception due to dire necessity, such as a death in the family, then accept the treatment you will receive. Otherwise, don’t fly.

Airline companies are marginal businesses. Full planes are profitable, planes half full are not.

If we want to change the way we are treated by the airlines and the TSA, the only way to do it is to stop accepting the mistreatment. It is the same thing as a battered woman that does nothing to separate herself from her abuser. People that know her shake their head and wonder why she keeps going back, knowing that more abuse was inevitable.

So here’s the plan. Drive. Don’t travel by plane. Take trips closer to home. Take a cruise. If it’s work related, do it by video conference. If 20 % of the people that will fly in 2010 did not, and let the airlines know the reason for their decision, changes would occur.

But if you pay your money to line up and be mistreated, and you already know it’s going to happen, exactly whose fault is that?

The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.
–James Madison


5 thoughts on “Tired of How You Are Treated at the Airport?

  1. It won't work until people stop demanding that low prices be the single most important factor in airline travel. Uncomfortable seating, lack of amenities and rude treatment in the airline industry exist because people have voted with their dollars, time and again, for the carriers that offer the cheapest tickets. Airlines are only responding to the overwhelming clamor for cheap flights.

  2. Oh I am so tired of the airline treatment. We had to buy our sons ticket last minute because his unit was unsure if they could return before deployment, and so we had two weeks notice- $749 later three connections our son made it home. Worst thing is that the airlines knows that over this time of year they own us.

    We have only two flying rules…if a parent passes away(as we drive to visit) or if one of our children need us in anyplace, anywhere, anytime- otherwise we do not fly.

    On a side note I am sick of the no profiling PC stuff. This is how it is at the Border Patrol checkpoints near me. If I drive to any city, I have to pass through one(either ElPaso Tx Or Las Cruces NM) and my husband is Mexican- but we have never been asked to show proof of citizenship, nothing. The only time I ever had a problem was when I drove through alone(blond blue eyed middle age mom) and was questioned extensively on to where I was going, what I was going to do there, where I came from…and on and on. My husband is a former LE officer and expects this, and we have told our sons that they too should expect this, as they fit the profile of an illegal- you know someone of hispanic descent…yet nothing.(by the way this would not make us angry by those doing the job…it only makes us angry that they are going out of their way to avoid offending someone)

    I feel often like the world is turned upside down, and that there is not any such thing as reality anymore.

  3. I've been saying this for years. I grew up on planes during the golden age of flight, and I'm appalled at how passengers have been reduced to cattle.

    I'm infuriated at how we're treated like criminals by an organization manufactured by a collection of REAL criminals.

    Until airline passengers are treated like valued customers and allowed to exercise our 2A rights, I refuse to fly. There's nowhere I need to be that fast, that badly.

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