What do You See?

I got this image in a Powerpoint show that was sent to me of dozens of 9-11 images. This one stood out, it’s an image I had not seen before.
Click on this picture to enlarge it and look at it. What do you see?

It’s the boats that caught my attention. They aren’t military, or even fire department, boats. They are tugs and ferry boats, sailing in to move people off the island. No one was in charge, there was no coherent plan. This is individual Americans, responding with the resources they had, doing what they could, on a day when no one could do enough.

We choose only once. We choose either to be warriors or to be ordinary. A second choice does not exist. Not on this earth.
–Carlos Castaneda


5 thoughts on “What do You See?

  1. I think this is the way it should be, if the government doesn't squash that spirit.

    Whether it is a fire extinguisher or garden hose; firearm or shovel, first aid kit or bare hands; most people will respond and help in an emergency — unless the government has crushed that spirit.

    And it seems to be bent on doing exactly that: Don't get involved, just be a good witness, don't try to fight back, call the police.

    This is the crux of the 2nd Amendment argument – will we have the spirit – the tools to fight back when the time comes. Either fighting a tyrannical government (highly unlikely to be needed) or simply a thug trying to terrorize someone (highly likely).
    Gun control advocates do not want that self-reliance.

    I had never seen a picture of the people responding with boats like that, thanks

  2. Excellent picture! Thanks for finding and sharing it.

    NYC is one of the most cynical places in our country, but even there citizens are willing to work together for the common good.

    This type of uncontrolled cooperation almost seems to be discouraged in some sectors. How many times on TV and in the media have you heard that ordinary citizens “should let the professionals handle it”?

    News flash: There aren't enough professionals to go around to protect every one at all times. What's the solution?

    Be prepared!

  3. I noticed the boats as well right away.

    Makes you think how many ordinary citizens rushed to Pearl harbor during the attack.

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