Saturday Morning

The fire was still going in the wood stove when I woke up. I put a couple of smaller split branches in and sat down to write a post. It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I’ll be leaving for the range in a couple of hours. There is a USPSA match this morning.

I had a couple of things to post about. Thanksgiving day was spent with friends. Four families gathered. Eleven adults over 30, four young adults, five children. All of us connected by various bonds of family relationships or long years of friendship. I am thankful for that day, all those people, the meal we shared.

In the afternoon after the meal, we went out on the property to a small berm that had been pushed up and set up a range. It was all .22s except for one 9mm carbine. An array that included my Grandfather’s 1934 Colt Woodsman. Three people that had never shot before, one adult and two children, got their first safety instruction and took their very first shots with my Grandfather’s pistol. I can think of no better use for it. When I spoke with my Mother later in the evening and told her about it, she reminisced about learning to shoot with that gun as a little girl. I am thankful for my relationship with her and that her Dad’s old pistol has come to me.

I had Friday off, and spent the morning with a friend cutting and splitting firewood. It was the last load from an oak tree I cut down earlier in the summer. The tree was dead and I had cut it down as a favor, the wood was a bonus. Being the last load, it was the twisted parts, the knots and hard to split last rounds near the stump.

Between a maul and some wedges, and judicious application of chainsaw, we finished the job. There may have be more wood to be gathered before the winter is over, but the pile is in pretty good shape for now. I am thankful for that, as well.
It’s close to freezing outside and the iron box is doing it’s job. On a cold morning, a warm house is a thing to be especially thankful for.

I have four sons. All young adults now. All are healthy and are at various stages of their lives. I am thankful for them, for all the experiences we have shared, for who they have become, and the opportunities still before them.

Most of all I am thankful for the woman that has chosen, and continues to chose to, share her life with me. There has been nothing better in my life than that.

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.

–Meister Eckhart


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