The Outcome of Gun Control

The VFW in the Midlothian neighborhood of Chicago held a fundraiser to help pay to take WWII veterans to the new memorial in Washington, D.C. They did pretty well. The Post Commander, William Burtner, was on his way to the bank to deposit $2000 when he was robbed.

William had served two tours of combat in Vietnam. He had been active in his VFW post for 25 years. He had cancer, had undergone surgery, and was currently taking chemotherapy.

He was beaten, slammed to the ground, and his ribs broken. He died from the injuries.

Disarming the citizens means that criminals rove in packs, it means that the weaker, the slower, the older, and the sick are easy prey. Here’s a quote from the article in the Chicago Sun-Times:

The robbery outside A.J. Smith Federal Bank in Midlothian on Monday was similar to two other robberies that occurred in Oak Lawn last week. All three robberies targeted victims who just made or were about to make bank transactions.

If Mr. Burtner had been armed, would the outcome have been different? Perhaps. Perhaps the criminals that beat him to death would not have attempted the robbery at all. Perhaps he would have drawn his weapon and they would have run. Perhaps he would have had to shoot one of them.

The current outcome of Illinois law is a dead war hero, beaten to death on the way to the bank to deposit money raised for a good cause. How is that outcome moral?

The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference, they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.
— George Washington

4 thoughts on “The Outcome of Gun Control

  1. And the gun control advocates will claim that this honorable citizen “might have” “someday”, done “something” illegal as the reason he shouldn't have a firearm.

    Instead of maybe and might have, we have tangible proof that gun control doesn't work.

    If it could save just one life, why not let the people be armed?

  2. This is beyond reprehensible. How is it that this man, his family, his peers, could have possibly envisioned his life ending this way? He would be asking, his fellows would be asking: is THIS why we fought WWII and Korea? Is it for THIS that our brothers fought and died? Is it for THIS that so many soldiers made their own Ultimate Sacrifice?

    Further, let me posit: you think the roaming thugs might have had a higher melanin count, those who attacked and killed him? You think perhaps they lived in nearby projects? You think they had no jobs, left school, primarily by choice because the DEMORATS had PUSHED “social bills” upon the populace in the 60's which PAID mothers to have fathers OUT of the picture?

    This is such an abrogation, such a tragedy, so unnecessary.

    One man like Mr Burtner is worth block after block of the worthless pieces of shit inhabiting downtown Chicago.


  3. Midlothian is not a neighborhood of Chicago. It is a southern suburb of Chicago, about 20 miles or so from downtown and not even contiguous to Chicago. I used to live next to it in Oak Forest in the '70's. It's not considered particularly dangerous. It's the kind of suburb people move to when they think that the city is too dangerous/hectic/etc.

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