From a diary kept by Cpl. Rube Garrett, and his reflections and research years later, comes this website about the battle for Guadalcanal.

Starting here, you can read the diary entries, and then there are links to details, history, short biographies, and some pictures of Guadalcanal then and now.

Col. ‘Chesty’ Puller had organized interlocking fields of fire along the ridges and reinforced his flanks with heavy machine guns and anti-tank artillery. That night, as wave after wave of attacking Japanese rolled in through driving rain, Puller called 11th Artillery Commander Col. Pedro del Valle. “Give us all you’ve got. We’re holding on by our toenails.”

“I’ll give you all you call for, Puller”, del Valle replied,” but God knows what’ll happen when the ammo we have is gone”.

“If we don’t need it now, we’ll never need it. If they get through here tonight there won’t be a tomorrow”, Puller thundered.

“She’s yours as long as she lasts”, responded del Valle.
–Colonels Puller and Del Valle at the battle of Matanikou River


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