When the News Media Fails

When facts are reported without context, the news media fails. A woman named Geeta Aulukh was attacked and murdered on a London Street. In the British papers, the report mentions her name, the fact that she died of a head injury, and that her husband and 5 others have been arrested. Here’s the BBC report.

It took several searches, and finally in the Times of India and the Argentina Star (Australia) I start to find some background information. She was separated from her husband, planning a divorce. She was married to a Sikh, and had some sort of mark on her right hand that signified that marriage. He and 5 of his friends attacked her, cut off her right hand and scalped her. She died in a hospital 4 hours later.

It was an honor killing. She had been afraid for months. She had reason to be. Whatever protections the British government provided her were inadequate. She was mutilated and left to die for her husband’s primitive ideas about marriage, possession of women as property, and honor. Political correctness does none of us any good if it gets in the way of the truth.

I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand.
–Susan B. Anthony


5 thoughts on “When the News Media Fails

  1. Course it happened in a country where 1) she couldn't have a gun for self-defense and 2) they've already rolled over for political correctness to the point that Shariah law actually rules.
    Damned shame, but you won't hear much about it, so the liberals won't be reminded of the consequences of their actions.

  2. what the fuck does this have to do with liberals? its conservatives in America that like to do the same thing- criminalize sex for being homosexual.

    you can see the problem. someone is holding their religion superior to the government. exactly the same thing “conservatives” would like to do here.

    islam, christianity, and whatever dumb religion caused this guy to do this are all in the same boat.

    and your blind if you can't see that.

  3. I wasn't suggesting it had anything to do with liberals, or with any particular religion. It is a problem worldwide. Men think they own their wives, and when the wives act independently, it ends with outcomes like this.

    The only way a liberal view would be included is that in Britain, she would not have been allowed to own or carry any weapon to defend herself, a result of gun and knife control laws. Which is a topic for another post.

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