Old Gun Magazines

No, not the ones that you keep meaning to buy new springs and followers for. I mean old copies of American Rifleman and Guns and the like. Guns Magazine is still around, and has a nice website, with a lot of articles available online.

I visit that site because they offer something else as well. Once a month they post a magazine from 50 years ago as a downloadable PDF file. So, this month’s is November 1959. The previous month is always left up, so you can get October 1959 as well.

The old magazines really interest me. October’s articles include a first look at the “new” Armalite AR-15 on page 12, a feature on Camp Perry matches, an couple of good hunting stories, and a very interesting writeup on homemade weapons in Cuba. Added to that are the letters, the regular columns, and pages of ads for new guns and old surplus specials. Nothing like looking at an ad for a “Garand Sniper Rifle $107.95, while they last!!” and “Lee Enfield VG to Excellent $16.95!!” to make you wish that your grandfather had been more of a collector.

There are hints of the future, as well. Concerns about pending legislation, grumbling about the way guns and gun ownership are portrayed on television, and perhaps most ominous of all, tucked in the back is an ad for a newly imported automobile.

FINE AUTOMOTIVE VALUE for sportsmen is the hand crafted six passenger, 4 door Toyopet Station Wagon. This model will be placed in your local dealer’s showroom soon by Toyota Motor Distributors, Inc., 6032 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood 28, Calif. or 2906 W. Peterson, Chicago, III. Toyopet for 1959 is now entering the American market direct from Japan. Overall length of Station Wagon Model No. RS 26V is 172.4″; overall width, 66.1″; height 61.0″; weight, 2833 lbs. Top speed 80 mph, fuel consumption 33 mpg
–Guns Magazine, October 1959, Pg. 58


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