Now most people are going to think, when they read this story, that Taylor Mitchell was the victim of coyotes.

I think she was a victim of her upbringing, that mindset that lets so many people wander through life thinking that bad stuff just won’t happen, nature is like a Disney movie, and people really are good once you get to know them.

I love the woods, I will be out hiking later today, but I do not pretend that nature is benevolent. Bad stuff happens. Nature is tooth and claw. Some people are good, but some are monsters.

A medium framed revolver chambered in .357 Magnum would have allowed her to continue her hike in peace. Even a stout walking staff and the will and training to use it might have driven off a couple of coyotes.

Before anyone bothers to say that letting people carry guns in parks is bad, let me point out that people are carrying guns in that very same park today. Men with rifles are hunting those coyotes, using guns to make the place safer for other unarmed hikers in the future.

Self-defense is Nature’s eldest law.
–John Dryden


3 thoughts on “Victim

  1. Good post. Too many people think animals are just cuddly. Sometimes it takes an intimate experience to educate the ignorant. I do feel sorry for this girl and her family. Any tool and the willingness to use it might have kept her alive.

  2. Her death is tragic for many reasons. The wild is NOT a Disney Movie that is for sure.

    Coyotes, despite popular theory WILL attack, as they are emboldened through hunger and the crush of people in what they believe is THEIR world.

    I had one reader chastise me for carrying a gun when I'm in the woods hiking. She said “I carry a stick and a cell phone”.

    Sure, throw the cell phone at Mr. Bear. He can use the stick to clean his teeth with after he's eaten you.

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