From The Chronicles of a South Carolina Gunslinger comes this story of the guns of his father.

What is it about those things that we inherit that they hold such meaning in our lives? Inanimate objects that can bring us the memory of people long past, so that we can hear their voice and see them in our mind’s eye.

Show me your original face, the face you had before your father and mother were born.
–Zen Koan


2 thoughts on “Memory

  1. I've only got a couple from my father, because an unscrupulous individual basically stole the rest from my mother after his death for a mere pittance of what they were worth. The world is full of bastards, but I remember my father shooting and reloading these.

  2. I had a family member that took all my Grandfather's guns the day he died. Years later, one came back to me. I have a Colt Woodsman that he bought new, it is the first gun my mother shot, and since it has his name engraved on both the gun and the holster, I am sure that it is his. The others are gone, sold now and lost to me.

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