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I don’t get to the range as often as I’d like to. It’s a drive, and then there’s work, family, other activities, and sometimes weeks go by. When I do get there, setting up, tearing down, pasting targets, all sorts of things that are not shooting have to happen. So in a 2 hour range visit, how much time is my finger actually on the trigger? 10 minutes, maybe?

Now I like my time at the range, walking down to the 200 yard berm to set up a target, talking about guns and ammo with the other shooters, just being outside on a beautiful afternoon. But still, it is the shooting, the practice time I am talking about. I am trying to get better with a 1911, to shoot at my potential in USPSA matches.

I don’t dryfire at home. Lots of shooters do, but dropping the hammer on a 1911 in the house, no matter how empty the gun, well, you only have to be wrong once. Her tolerance for my hobby would be gone before my hearing returned. So, looking at all the options, how do I get more practice?

That Wilson Combat in the picture? It’s an airsoft gun. I think it might be part of the answer.

Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.
–Vince Lombardi


8 thoughts on “Range Time

  1. I have an AirSoft version of my Taurus for practice at home.

    I use it to practice my draw from concealment.

    The wife isn't happy with the pellets floating around the floor, something about the dogs eating anything…go figure.

    I need to find a decent target that will keep the BBs contained.

    I don't think the trigger correlates well at all between the Taurus and the AirSoft.

    What sort of practice are you looking at doing with the airsoft?

  2. Okay,

    That makes more sense now.

    Something that I didn't know until I bought my airsoft is there are two types: Spring powered and CO2.

    The spring powered models are single shot versions. You have to charge the spring (pull back the slide) after every shot.

    The CO2 models are like what was used in the video.

    I guess the C02 version will go on my Christmas Wish List.

  3. I love my Tokyo Marui 1911. And walking down the stairs to the basement to target shoot is teh awesome.

    It's Green Gas blowback, and the dogs hate it, which somehow adds to the fun.

    The trigger's good, but there's no recoil, and the gun doesn't weigh what a proper 1911 does. But still, did I mention that “walk down the stairs” thing?

  4. I gotta say I love my KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA. Green Gas blowback, recoil is not up to .45 standards but it is there. Controls are perfect, weight is close, 1040 g compared to M1911 1105 g empty.
    I have a field expedient range in the longer hallway at up to 9 yards. For a backstop I have a regular bed sheet draped over a 1/2″ pvc frame with a target holder. 80% of the bb's drop straight to the floor.

    My biggest complaint is the front sight blade is too short. It shoots about 4″ high at 7 yrds. To correct I taped a section from a qtip shaft to the top of the blade and blacked out the front white dot, dead on now.

  5. Make or buy some snapcaps. They will allow you to dry-fire without damage to your firing pin. I made some from some fired brass. I loaded a 200gr LRN bullet onto the empty case with a fired primer. Then I used a dremel to drill a small hole in the side of the brass to show that it was a dud.

    You can also buy some at various gun stores. Last I looked the prices were around $12+ for six snapcaps in a bubble pack.

  6. How about a yellow-plastic replacement safety barrel – does anybody make one for a 1911? I know Blade-Tech makes 'em for Glocks.
    Probably have to machine one out of Delrin for a 1911…

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