Browning has a New Shotgun

They call it the Maxus. Here’s the promo:
I haven’t even held one of these yet, let alone shot one. So it might make me want a new shotgun. The artwork in the video is well done, and I like the way it showed how the action worked. It would be hard, though, maybe impossible, for me to take that new Maxus to the range and leave the Auto-5 in the safe.

When I think about the a shotgun disassembled, this is what I see.
When I think about carrying a gun out to shoot trap or three gun, the feel of the stock and the sight picture, the recoil and the sound of the action, even the smell of Hoppes No. 9 as I clean the gun at the end of the day, it is the Auto-5 that comes to mind.

My wife says that I am overly sentimental, and I suspect that she is right.

John M. Browning produced works of genius in all firearms fields: in pistols, the 1911 Colt; in rifles, the 1894 Winchester. The Browning Auto-5 was his masterpiece.
— COL W. R. Betz


3 thoughts on “Browning has a New Shotgun

  1. That's an interesting shotgun, but when I got my first “humpback” my dad showed me how to move the buffer rings around to ease the recoil, so I may not be running out to get this new one any time soon. Those instructions used to come with every “new” A5 but very few people remember them. I wonder if you can still get them from Browning?

  2. Sigh. There's soul in that Auto 5 that you can't get from tupperware. Just like you can't get the same soul as a wood runabout from a new fiberglass bow rider.

    Might be fun and modern, efficient and “ergonomic”. Doesn't have the soul.

    And yes, you are sentimental. Like that's a problem, or something.

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