Eight Years

I was working in a university multimedia department in September 2001. We had access to the video feeds from the satellite dishes on the roof of our building. Just before 9 AM, someone called us and said a plane had hit the World Trade Center in New York and the news channels had gone live. We turned on a monitor. I was standing there watching, wondering if it was deliberate or accidental, when the second plane hit.

And just like that, on a Tuesday morning in September, the world changed.

We set up a couple of satellite feeds to display on monitors, and starting watching whatever was been sent. The news kept getting worse as the morning went on. The Pentagon, then Flight 93, and all the while, we watched people die. It was clear that managers in the national news rooms had made the decision not to air what was coming off the satellites. The news crews in New York were sending it, but it was just too much to put on the air.

Because people were jumping. Right up until the building collapsed, people were trapped above the fire and they made the only remaining decision in their power and chose not to burn.
Find the time to watch the first 25 minutes of this video. It was eight years ago today.

I watched them fall.

There are people jumping from the floor above us…This doesn’t look good…I love you, take care of Caitlin.
–Thomas McGinnis, trapped on the 92nd floor of the North Tower, speaking to his wife minutes before the collapse on September 11th, 2001


6 thoughts on “Eight Years

  1. Watching the video took me right back to that day–the day the world changed for me. I don't want to forget, forgive, or move on from this emotional place that I now live in. I feel for those who lost their lives in this tragic and cowardly attach. I play that we can give some back to those who need it!

  2. You and I both know there is more video and more photos of those persons who decided their BEST fate lay in jumping through thin air to the concrete below.

    In my opinion, Americans need to SEE those photographs — because I don't think, even now, many of us “get” what a terrible day that was for those persons trapped in the WTC buildings.


  3. I've never seen motion footage of 9/11. Yes, I was in the US at the time, but I didn't have a TV. My brother called, waking me up (I'd just come off night rotation and had landed two hours before dawn). “Sis, turn on the radio. Your world just changed.” I listened to the radio all that day, and I saw still images in the papers, but never the TV footage.

    The airport where I was based ended up hosting a 757 and two 737s. That's what I remember the best, in some ways: the black and crimson maple leaf of an AirCanada jetliner poking up over the small terminal building. Way out in the back of beyond at a little airport formerly a WWII training base on a beautiful, warm, early fall day.

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