September 10th, 2001

September 10th, 2001 was a Monday. I had scheduled a day off a couple of weeks in advance, and we had made plans to go canoeing. The perfection of the day was breathtaking. A Carolina blue sky, a light breeze, afternoon temperature in the low 80s. We put in at the landing in the primitive camping area in Goose Creek State Park. The marsh grass and trees were showing some signs of fall. The creek runs up through the park becoming narrower as it goes. We slowly picked our way along, stopping to look at birds and wildflowers. When we got to a point where all we could do was turn around, we paddled back out.

Going past the landing, we paddled out into the Pamlico Sound. The breeze was in our faces, so it was slow going, but the water was calm enough for the canoe. We paddled almost all the way across, enjoying the exertion. When we turned around it was a fast run back to the creek, 20 minutes to cover what had taken a couple of hours going out.

We sat in the sun on the landing and ate and talked. After we loaded the canoe on the truck and started home, she fell asleep. I remember it so clearly because it was the last day of the old world. A carefree, gentle day on the water, shared with a fine woman. There will never be another day like it in my lifetime.

Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.
–Wayne Dyer


8 thoughts on “September 10th, 2001

  1. I had come home from work, and my mother was watching one of the morning news shows, which was showing the first tower burning. The second plane hit as I watched; I turned to my mother and said, “We're at war. I don't know with who, but we're at war with someone.

  2. Whoops, you're right. *smacks self in head*

    September 10th would have found me sitting in front of the computer, playing Ultima Online, probably.

  3. I was flying back in from New Jersey from a job there. Had just wrapped it up and was getting in that evening. Can't imagine if I had stayed one more day like I normally do.

  4. I was at the beach with my parents and my sister's family. I remember my dad and I stayed up and watched the end of a meaningless pre-season Monday Night Football game. Who knew that the next night the whole family would be glued to the TV for a totally other reason?

  5. I started a new job. It was a startup, funded by venture capital. Would never have gotten funded if 9/11 had been 8/11.

    “Normal” seems a long time ago, and far away.

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