The Death of British Scouting

Since I have written a number of posts about Scouting, including this one about Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, what I am about to write is painful to me.

Scouting in Britain is dead. It died of politically correct, nanny state overprotection. Lord Baden-Powell set up a program to train young men to self reliant, to be able to go into the woods and make a camp, to overcome and survive on their own. A program to prepare them for manhood.
Rope, fire, knives, axes, tools, and the training and skills to use them properly. To learn these things was to gain confidence, to be prepared. Crucial skills at the very heart of the Scouting program, so important that training with knives begins in Cub Scouts. Not always easy, or safe, but without them, you might as well stay home in front of the television and have mom make you a snack.

Al Rasch, of The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles sent me an email today. Scouting in Britain has told the Scouts and Scout Leaders to discontinue the practice of carrying a pocket knife to camp.

So ends a century of Scouting.

The more responsibility the Scoutmaster gives his patrol leaders, the more they will respond.
–Lord Robert Baden-Powell


5 thoughts on “The Death of British Scouting

  1. This is sad but predictable given how the culture over there has been going.

    Wonder if we should set up a refugee camp for real Scouts and Scouters fleeing the country or is it too late?

  2. I almost fell over when I read it first. What gets me is the bullying BS. Isn't that what the Scoutmaster is for? Isn't that what we are trying to teach the the Scouts, how to overcome and adapt? Isn't it part of growing up? Do they not recite the Pledge?

    Jeez Louise, I don't know where this world is headed, or better said I can see where we are headed, but I wish I couldn't.

    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles

  3. “you might as well stay home in front of the television”

    This, and to pay taxes, is all that modern western governments want their subjects to do and to be able to do. Real work also seems to be discouraged.

    Capability, responsibility and most of all self-reliancec is the bain of socialism.

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