Kime. It loosely translates from the Japanese as “focus”. Ki is the word for energy. The “energy of looking” might be another English phrase for it. I learned this word last night, working on a particular technique that I have been struggling with. The concept jumped out at me.
It applies as well to shooting. We call it sight picture. In handgun shooting, the mantra is “front sight, front sight, front sight…”, and when you have that focus, you make your hits. If after every shot, you regain that sight picture before you shoot again, each shot will join the others in the 10 ring.

You hear a variation of it in every sport where the coaches tell the players, “Keep your eye on the ball!”

I think it applies to many things. Seeing clearly what is being done to the United States economy, what the outcome of a 10+ trillion dollar deficit will be, what the cost of our government’s policies are and will be, is not an easy task. It requires energy and vision.

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.
–Bruce Lee