To The Beach

Hurricane Bill was already past our coast, but the waves were still up. At the State Park the lifeguards were being cautious to paranoid, although I could see why. They did not want to have to make any rescues in that surf if it could be avoided. Late in the afternoon, just past low tide, we did go in. The side currents were strong and the waves had a lot of power. We never went out over waist deep and the waves were breaking over our heads.

I took several pictures from the edge of the surf. It is hard to capture the energy, but I like the way this one caught the curl as the wave broke on the beach.Lots of beautiful scenery and clouds. Time to read, watch the waves, take a long walk, and nap under an old umbrella.

Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think.
–Robert Henri


3 thoughts on “To The Beach

  1. Great shot of the breaker.

    Photography is something I really want to get back into…but may not have the time.

    My youngest son, the one who never seemed to enjoy the campouts, the one who never seemed to enjoy the outdoor activities in Scouting…that one is talking about re-joining the troop. Seems he really liked the back packing trip to Pecos New Mexico. Arrgh!

    “Every time I think I'm out, THEY pull me back in.”

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