The Bermuda Triangle of Scouting

Older Scouts disappear. Moving along through the ranks, they make 1st Class, or maybe Star, go to summer camp for the 4th time, and then never return in the fall. You call once or twice, but you already know. It’s an age old story.

He has found his first real girlfriend. He wants to take her to the movies, or to the malt shop.
Maybe not that girl, but the girl. The one he’s going to love forever. Well, if he want to take her out without his mom having to drive them, he needs a car.
Maybe not that car, but a car. A car with insurance, and gasoline, and maintenance costs. Since it is most likely a very used car, lots of maintenance costs. So now he needs a job. Maybe not that job, but any job. Something to pay for the car and the dates.

He’s a good kid, and he was a good Scout. He is now caught on the same slope that claimed us all sooner or later. He has to go to school. He has to sleep. There are only so many hours left over. The dates and the job both take place in those free hours. What gets jettisoned?

It worked out every year that Spring Camporee was the same weekend as the prom. I expected it. Since every year is the same as every other year, why would this one be different? The acting Senior Patrol Leader was usually a 14 year old 1st Class or Star Scout, the highest ranking Scout that went on the trip.

The older Scouts were sailing out to the prom. If all went well, we would see them at the June beach trip. If not, you needn’t go looking for them. The deadly Bermuda Triangle of Scouting had claimed another one.

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.
–Albert Einstein


5 thoughts on “The Bermuda Triangle of Scouting

  1. This was so true, when I started out in scouting (Cub Scouts) all of my friends were in scouts also, maybe 12 to 15 boys. By the time my Boy Scout troop would fold for good, there were only 4 of us left. I can still remember the ridicule in high school for wearing the uniform to school the one day a year. Of course by then I was in NJROTC and was wearing a Navy uniform once a week too so most people were a little confused. My first Girl Friend laughed at me the first time I wore the uniform while we were dating and she commented that I had that “Uniform Thing going”, whatever that meant. She did not complain however when I was camping with her and her family up in the Pecos National forest outside of Santa Fe and was making better meals with my Dutch oven and open fire then they were making in their RV. I always felt it took a Man to wear the Boy Scout uniform to a place like that (High School).

    BT: Jimmy T sends

  2. This brings to mind a conversation i had with my fiance. I came to the realization that after about 12 years old everything i did was motivated by a girl or the pursuit of a girl. 12 was about when i quit scouting….

    WV: hoosi
    my mom also told me to stay away from those hoosis

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