Self Defense

Self Defense. It’s not just for right-wing white men.

Counting on the police to protect you individually is childish thinking. The police protect the community, they arrest criminals, they investigate crimes after the fact, they come when someone calls. If you are attacked for any reason, your attacker(s) will have picked you, at the time and place of his choosing. It will be when you appear vulnerable, perhaps alone, distracted, or otherwise weak. If you survive, you can call 911 when it is over, and there is a chance someone will be arrested later.
Consider the old question, “how is a raped and strangled woman’s body more moral than a live woman standing over the body of a dead rapist with a gun?” It can be turned into a question than can be asked about any victim of violent crime. All of us, every last adult, has a responsibility to see to our own needs, to provide for ourselves, to live out our lives with as much integrity as we can, and one of those responsibilities is seeing to our own defense. Pink Pistols advocates this for the gay community, and they do it with a dash of good humor.

Arms in the hands of citizens may be used at individual discretion… in private self-defense.
–John Adams


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