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If Mark Sanford had been a Democrat, would the New York Times have given him the same kind of support they gave Bill Clinton?

I think the guy should resign. Hell, I think he should have stayed in Argentina. But the NY Times, and Ms. Maureen Dowd look like the worst sort of hypocrites sounding the call. Where were all of you when the Clinton story was breaking? My memory of the Clinton/Lewinsky story is that it broke and was covered on the Drudge Report. I thought Clinton should have resigned, too. Instead he lied under oath, he wagged his finger at me on television and lied with his wife sitting next to him, and he stayed in office. Because he is a member of the right party, he gets a pass.

Ms. Dowd quoted Gov. Sanford, who when speaking about Bill and Monica, said, “If you undermine trust in our system, you undermine everything.” That’s true enough, Maureen, but what sort of sex Bill Clinton or Mark Sanford is getting is not undermining my faith in the system.

You and your colleagues are. I no long believe we have an independent press, probably have not for decades.

I think what has been done to the auto industry is a crime, the government has no Constitutional authority to takeover private businesses. I think the bubble and subsequent collapse of the housing market was directly related to government meddling over the last decade, also unconstitutional. I think the coming plans for health care will make the current problems look minor. I think we have enemies in the world that see us as ripe for the picking. I think our trade deficits and the loss of our manufacturing base in the last 40 years destabilizes the world economy. I think the “cap-and-trade” bill will result in huge new expenses that will be passed on to the consumers, a kind of taxation. I think the generating of non-existent money will, as it always has in the past, push through a cycle of terrible inflation.

But instead of covering any of this in depth, with balance for opposing views, this week we are getting Mark Sanford, the death of Michael Jackson, and lavish, uncritical, support for Pr. Obama and whatever he has to say.

So, Ms. Dowd, if I can’t trust the New York Times to give me some balanced reporting on the issues of the day, why bother to read it anymore?

The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure.
–Thomas Jefferson


2 thoughts on “Just an Observation

  1. He might have also stayed in office because he was, oh, I don't know, the fucking President – with pretty damn high approval ratings, at that.

    As the man you quoted said, “the force of public opinion cannot be resisted.” PUBLIC OPINION by and large is apparently “well they're doing a bang-up job,” whether that's what YOU think or not.

    Free, independent press is more alive now than it has ever been – look at what you're doing on this website. People can say whatever the fuck they want to say, anywhere, anytime.

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