3 Boxes of B.S.

That’s not just a great title, it’s an addition to the blogroll. As an example of why I linked him, here is 3 Boxes of B.S.: Garrison Flag. The last picture in the series, of a group of Boy Scouts retiring the Colors, is outstanding.

Scouting is a theme that has run through my life, having so much more impact than I recognized at the time. A few posts down, I commented about the ease with which we made camp. Those skills don’t come out of a book. It started with a Troop of Scouts I joined in 1969 in Maryland. I worked 5 summers on camp staff. All the mistakes, the gear I wished I had, the old canvas knapsack and 6 lb sleeping bag, the times it rained, all of them are memories laid down as the bedrock for what came later.

This is going to lead to some Scout and Scouter stories. At least it will take my mind off the political news.

Words form the thread on which we string our experiences.
–Aldous Huxley


One thought on “3 Boxes of B.S.

  1. Great start on a subject close to my heart.

    I've started planning a series of Scouting posts showing off some of the thousands of pictures I've taken.

    Thanks for the addition to the blogroll. I've returned the favor Sir.

    I was never on a summer camp staff, but being a military brat I camped in a wide variety of climates.

    Awesome quote from Huxley.

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