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Ed McMahon passed away. Colonel in the Marines, combat pilot, 85 missions, two wars. Oh yeah, and that thing with Johnny Carson on TV.

California cut the tax exemption for children. So, they didn’t raise taxes, actually, they cut the exemption, but everyone will owe $210.00 more per child next year. How’s that California leftist plan working out for ya’? Plan on more “adjustments”, and it won’t be on the rich, because everyone who has looked at it knows, the only way to keep up with the socialist agenda is to tax the middle class.

Pr. Obama finally condemned the violence in Iran. Yep, and when they really crack down he’ll add a stern look and a strongly worded letter to the U.N.

VA hospital mistreatment of cancer patients made the New York Times. Tell me again how having the government in charge is going to fix health care.

The government, out of money and still spending, is offering you money for your clunker, if you meet all the restrictions. But you can turn in your old 12 mpg pickup and get $4500.00 toward the purchase of a new more fuel efficient truck. Where does this money come from?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their May 2009 report. Another 345,000 jobs lost. The report has the details. It’s just depressing to read. I’m sure that the government will think up more taxes to make up the shortfall.

And to close on a lighter note, Sen. John Ensign apologized to his Senate Republican colleagues for having an affair with a staffer. So, it was worth throwing away his career in the Senate, worth whatever damage it caused his family, and apparently worth lying to all of us, too. Just once, I’d like one of these politicians say, “The hell with all of you smug sanctimonious bastards, it was so worth it. She was gorgeous, she was hot, she did things I never even imagined, and did them with enthusiasm. If you leave me alone with her, I’ll hit it again.” Because that’s the truth, isn’t it? Men are all horny 18 year olds in our minds. We don’t have much of a stop circuit. Even the best of us are lucky to be old enough and homely enough not to get really tested.

The more one analyses people, the more all reasons for analysis disappear. Sooner or later one comes to that dreadful universal thing called human nature.
–Oscar Wilde


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