On This, The Death of General Motors

I offer a link, to the 1964 Playboy interview with Ayn Rand. I will only quote one question & answer, and offer the link for you to read the rest.

PLAYBOY: What, in your view, is the proper function of a government?
RAND: Basically, there is really only one proper function: the protection of individual rights…

Her best known work, Atlas Shrugged, tells the tale of a socialist takeover of America. I had always enjoyed that work as fiction. Now I consider it prophetic.

According to the New York Times, (hat tip to Lex) there is a 31 year old, in his first government job, is in charge of dismantling GM. Go and read about him, and what he doing to GM.

What’s good for the country is good for General Motors, and vice versa.
–Oscar Wilde