Just got back from a three day hike. Four of us went. We had different experience levels, different stamina levels, and different pack weights. It worked out. It rained twice, once on the first evening when we were getting supper ready, once the next night after we were bedded down. It was mostly hot, humid, and sunny. The terrain was hilly, so it all up one side, then down the other.

It’s been a rainy spring, and all the streams were running. Plenty of water at the campsites. Some MREs, some dry food, a few treats. Taking a first time hiker out is always a challenge, you want everyone to enjoy it, you want it to look like it is effortless, and you want him to want to go again.

I had a fine time. The forest was beautiful, late spring, everything just fully green. A light pack and reliance on old skills helped me keep up. I’m going to throw in a plug for Gregory packs, too. They are the cat’s titties for backpacking comfort, I wish I’d had one thirty years ago.

I dream of hiking into my old age.
–Marlyn Doan